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Dedicated to Mom and all of the McCracken family members who found themselves 'In The Wind'

Bumpers, Lights and Chrome. All in one!
Lots of our customers have suggested the rear end of the trike body could really use a little extra 'style', possibly chrome. EVERYBODY likes a little extra chrome, right? We contacted Champion and they put us in touch with another of their dealers whose customers have made the same suggestions. Here's the result, a good looking bumper and light bar combination that really catches the eye at night.

Aside from the fact that we get you to open your wallet yet again, there is another good reason to smile. Doug can install this in one simple half day session! Just call ahead to schedule your appointment. Heck, we'll even run you up to the Crossroads Diner for lunch and you can be on your way just after you finish that big piece of pie!