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Looking for a new windshield that provides the highest visibility with unsurpassed wind protection? Then you are looking for a Windbender Windshield from Firecreek Accessories.

With two models to fit your needs, the Windbender is a new state of the art, high performance, luxury windshield. They have been designed by our engineers using the latest aerodynamic programs. These windshields deliver more then you could ever dream of: a bubble of luxurious air. Both models are designed to fit both the Goldwing GL1800 and the GL1500.

Be sure to inquire about the electric option to automatically raise and lower the windshield. More information on this can be found here.

Windbender  HP

The Windbender-HP is a high performance windshield that is the heart and driving force of our development. Not only did we want to eliminate the wind issue for the rider and co-rider, we wanted to be able to see over it like it wasnt even there.

It comes in two sizes, and we ask you to refer to our sizing chart to determine the correct size for you. Due to the shape of this windshield, there is some distortion while looking through it. (Remember, we want to look over it.) This windshield has about 8" of air lift above the top of the windshield. We recommend adjusting the windshield so that when seated on the bike, you can see a point on the road, 88 out front while just seeing the top edge of the windshield. With this primary adjustment as center, you can move it down even more for riding those rolling curvy roads or raise it up to a vision point of 130 for riding down the interstate.

When adjusted for interstate riding, the wind is just moving across the top of the riders helmet. This is important to the co-rider, because of their elevated sitting position they are going to want the wind at least above the face opening in their helmet. For this windshield to work as well for the co-rider as the rider, they have to be somewhat matched. For example, if the rider is very short in the body, and the co-rider is very tall through the body, along with the added height in the passenger seat, it may place them high enough in the wind stream that they will get some wind in their face. Even though the buffeting should be reduced, the WindbenderST may be a better choice since it can be raised higher for the passenger and doesnt have the distortion to look through for the driver.

Windbender  ST
The Windbender-ST has a more conservative attitude than the high performance model and has about an inch and a half of air lift over the top. If the co-rider is much taller than the rider, this windshield can be adjusted up to take the wind off of them and can still be looked through by the rider. Or if you just like looking through a windshield but want better wind protection, this is the one.

Standing in front of the bike, measuring from the gasket at the base to the top of the windshield, the Windbender-ST for the GL1500 measures 20" at its lowest and 27" at its highest setting. The GL1800 measures 16 at its lowest and 23 at its highest setting. This windshield stays up front out of your way. There is no banging your forehead on it or getting irritating reflections from any of your instrumentation at night. 

If both styles of windshields are needed to fit all of your riding styles, get a second windshield without the base. Slide one off and slide the other on. It takes only seconds with no tools needed.

There is no reason to settle on second best. Dont push the wind when you can bend it! Windbender, high performance windshields by Firecreek.


Call Doug or LouAnn at 704.242.2783 for pricing and availability for your specific bike model.

WARNING: The wind protection can be so complete on the riders face and in some cases the co-rider, that a false sense of security can be experienced. Firecreek Accessories Inc. strongly recommends wearing eye protection at all times while riding. Even though small light bugs and light rain can be carried over the top in the wind stream, hard shelled bugs, full rain drops and rocks can penetrate the wind stream and get to the rider and co-rider.