Trikes - A New Opportunity for Avid Motorcyclists!

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To paraphrase an Oldsmobile slogan from years ago, " This ain't the Meter Maids trike! "

Like the sidecar; trikes are not really new, they first appeared in the 30's and 40's as utility vehicles aimed at the public service market. Meter Maids and city bound traffic cops were the usual riders. They were clunky looking things with huge boxes built around the seat and they were not all that comfortable. They were intended for work, but they did have some neat light and siren packages! Today the light packages tend to have more neon than the Las Vegas strip and the siren isn't really a siren - it's an elated motorcycle rider screaming with joy over being able to ride again because of these beautifully engineered tricycle conversions.

We can convert Honda Goldwing GL1500, GL1800, Harley-Davidson FL and Softail, and Yamaha RoadStar models using proven factory materials. Conversion takes about one week after the materials arrive at our shop. We have begun working with the Honda VTX and Shadow models, and several other brands and models will be eligible soon.

Every Champion trike conversion uses heavy duty materials. An automotive rear axle, wheel and tire assembly are the most obvious changes.


Click here to see a short video of a trike in action.

We can customize your trike beyond the items available from Champion Sidecars. Special wheels, custom baggage racks, adaptive controls, anything within reason and a few things that might be considered outrageous . . . let's discuss it.

We can coordinate with your dealer on new units and have your new trike ready as a gift for your favorite riding companion. Just think what a hit a brand new trike would be for him or her! Champion Sidecars trike conversion offers lots of storage locker space. Add a standard motorcycle trunk and trailer kit to fully outfit your ride for weeks of travel on the American highway! Did somebody say "Alaska"?
Automotive sized lighting makes it easy to see a trike in traffic or low light conditions - another safety factor! Custom fab work, like this hitch, is reasonably priced and can be simple or fancy.
As LouAnn says, "Just bring your checkbook!"

We just can't say too much about Champion sidecars and trike conversions.