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Which came first, the motorcycle or the sidecar? It's a raging controversy . . . Well, it could be. Sidecars are the ultimate double-take of motorcycle enthusiasts. They have been around forever, but they always seem to make everyone stop and turn for a second look. The mystique and sense of adventure is never ending. The true story of sidecars is more than you can imagine. Come by the shop and we'll swap stories as you select your favorite sidecar design; ultra classic, or one of the sleek new types that look really sexy and inviting...

Sidecars allow you to safely take along children, pets, and passengers with a physical disability. We can even create a custom loading mechanism to accommodate a wheelchair. Basic installation only takes a day and, once configured with the mounting hardware, you can take your three wheel thrill ride back to a two wheel pavement ponder just by pulling a couple of pins! The accessories list is as long as your imagination and nearly as fun! Take a few moments to look to the sidecar information from Champion Sidecars by clicking here . After you have your ideas ready for the next adventure you can call us at 704-242-2783 and make them a reality with A Wing And A Chair.

Allow four weeks for your factory built components to arrive and another few days for our installation process. If you need custom paint or graphics, please click HERE to see more from our great custom paint vendor, they do beautiful work.


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